Welcome to Comfort Stick Shop

I developed and tested this product for many years and I am convinced if you live in a cold climate, or if you have any feelings of dry or chapped skin anywhere on your body, you will love the Comfort Stick. It is the just-right combination of cocoa butter and other emollients that simply soothe and heal skin anywhere. The Formula is free of added fragrances so that it will not further irritate an irritated skin. The only odor is the slight smell of the cocoa butter which is raw and organic. I then took this combination and put it in three different sized twist-up applicators that are so convenient to use. There is no need to put your fingers in a jar and get it all over your hands (unless you want to!)

The Comfort Stick is for both men and women, although women will find even more uses than just the treatment of dry skin, including eye make-up remover, treating wrinkles, and even conditioning cuticles. Quite simply, you will love the feel of the Comfort Stick anywhere on your body. Apply on dry areas before bed and you will wake up with soft feet, hands, elbows, knees, etc.

Thank you for trying the Comfort Stick!

Nancy McDonough